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Pay Per Click

At Global Height, our knowledgeable staff continually works to achieve the highest level of client satisfaction.

We humbly claim to be Delhi's top Pay-Per-Click (PPC) company, supported by a committed team of sector specialists. Our continuous focus is to offer premium AdWords PPC services in India at competitive prices.

  • Ad Copy writing: We specialise in creating compelling content and compelling messages that connect with your visitors and spark the growth of your company.
  • Landing Page Identification: Our strategy include creating user-friendly landing pages that effectively communicate the precise message you want to deliver with your respected customers and visitors while also grabbing attention.
  • Implement Campaign Tracking: We give you the tools to attract more visitors and nimbly alter your plans in response to changing needs by integrating reliable tracking mechanisms.
  • PPC Bid Management: Our detailed examination of campaign results, constant bid price modifications, and rigorous bid position maintenance are all part of our comprehensive PPC bid management. Your campaigns' outcomes are optimised as a result of this orchestration.

Our PPC Services

Search Engine Optimization

Campaign Management Setup

Our team of PPC campaign management experts is available to assist you with the establishment and skilled administration of your paid advertisements. We are qualified to help you choose the best channel for carrying out your marketing.

Social Media Optimization

Native Advertising

Native ads are prized for their marketing effectiveness by both brands and companies. As a well-known PPC Management Agency, we are experts at maximising the effectiveness of native advertising.

Video Creation & Graphic Design

PPC Audit Services

Our PPC Agency is prepared to help you with our thorough PPC audit services, whether you're struggling with a fall in ranking caused by a Google Penalty or looking for strategies to improve the effectiveness of your ads.

Bulk SMSt

Search Ads

Our customised Search Ads provide the exact solution you're looking for if your objective is to engage with a specific audience on platforms like Google and Bing, an audience that is likely to buy your goods or services.

Content Writing

Local Services Ads

Make worthwhile contacts with local prospects who are actively looking for the services you offer. Our local service ads use a pay-per-lead business model and produce outcomes beyond just clicks.

Hosting Solution

Social Media Advertising

Improve the visibility of your brand on websites like LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook by developing a custom social media advertising strategy that is based on the specific needs of your company.

Reasons to choose Global height as your PPC Consultants

Scrutiny of PPC keywords

  • We go deep to find custom keywords for your company, strategically focusing on the right audience and producing higher conversion rates. Our integrated keywords are carefully selected from the most recent and popular possibilities, assuring the best possible revenue creation for your business.

Creation of Ad Copy

  • We are masters at the skill of crafting persuasive copy for PPC advertisements. Our advertising copy is not only interesting, but also skilled at grabbing viewers' attention. This talent for creating captivating content creates a magnetic pull that ties your customers to your products.

Evaluation of an ad campaign

  • Everything is handled by our talented staff, including logo and graphic design as well as website design and development. This all-encompassing strategy also includes optimising landing pages with compelling, contextually relevant content and a clear call-to-action. Prospective customers may easily communicate with you thanks to this seamless integration, which speeds up interactions and makes them easier.

Thorough PPC Reporting

  • Our dedication goes beyond execution. We carefully track every aspect of account activity, which allows us to evaluate the effectiveness of our efforts. Our top aim is to keep you informed and involved, and we do this by regularly updating you on new developments.

How Does PPC Marketing Help to Scale up Your Business?

Hassle-Free Beginning

Paid Marketing Will Get You Rapid Results Regardless of When You Start No matter where you start, commencing a journey in paid marketing promises quick results. Although our initial process is straightforward, the speed it provides to the launch of your pay-per-click campaign is unmatched. Additionally, this route frees you from the constraints of your current clientele, presenting you with new opportunities. Being a seasoned PPC company, we enable organisations to change and get the most out of their paid advertising efforts.

Ideal Customer Targeting

Using Pay-Per-Click Advertising's Potential to Reach Your Ideal Audience

Pay-per-click marketing can be fully utilised to precisely align with your target clientele. We build a solid basis for identifying and interacting with your target clients by analysing variables like online behaviour and search patterns. This tactical approach guarantees that your company commands attention throughout their key buying decision times. In addition, our system uses multifaceted targeting that takes into account crucial factors including user preferences, location, and age demographics.

Global Height is the leading paid marketing firm with the knowledge to identify your specific target market. We create a custom PPC marketing strategy using our specialised methodology that not only ensures success today but also prepares the road for your future successes.

Faster Outcome

Boost Results With Pay-Per-Click Marketing: Contact Thousands of People Swiftly
Using pay-per-click marketing, you may simultaneously reach a huge audience and achieve quick results. Due to the rise in local business searches online in the current marketplace, there is a golden opportunity to engage prospects with a carefully considered PPC strategy. During the initial three-month testing period, vital information is gathered to improve overall performance. With skillful tactics at its disposal, Global Height is prepared to maximise the rewards from your lead generating efforts while staying within your budget.

Risen Conversion Rate

Pay-per-click advertisements might assist your business in changing prices. Additionally, split testing (A/B tests) is included, allowing you to make a few adjustments to your image. A/B testing also delivers in quicker results, greater client commitment, and higher conversion rates. This illustrates the ideal mission to execute for the highest change rate. We provide sponsored promoting services, such as A/B Testing to increase change, by observing the display indicators of presentation pages, such as changes, photographs, and traffic analysis.

One-Time Campaign Promotions

Pay-per-click marketing is a viable strategy because it just requires a single campaign advancement with a short sales cycle. When you attract a customer to your website, you might need to pay for your advancements. You can also choose your offers, your budget for advertisements, and how much money to invest in the success of your project. We create online search tool promotions for one-time campaign advancements that concentrate on the leads in a particular industry to bring you the greatest results because we are the experienced PPC campaign management company.


Pay-per-click enables individualised promotion execution for fresh business concepts like yours. With a wealth of exhibiting information available, you may expedite your promotion implementation. You can choose each perspective, whether it's focusing on crowds, scenarios, catchphrases, or particular postal districts. In fact, you may still acclimatise yourself to what you perceive as the greatest with a minimal amount of effort. The benefits of redid PPC are offered to executives on a global level, with an emphasis on methods to increase site conversions, traffic, and revenue.

Easy-to-Track Data

Information can be measured and tracked with no issues for your company. You can use Google Promotions and Google Investigation for Google ads. You can get there by using snaps, transformations, and other advanced execution nuances. Additionally, you can have a clearer picture of pay-per-click campaign effectiveness. You can quickly ascertain whether your wager was profitable. Our skilled PPC services are focused on generating more significant changes for both you and your company.

The Ads We Run for Your Brand

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Our Approach to Create Compelling Ads


Our PPC specialists conduct analyses to identify areas that demand attention for upgraded PPC campaigns. This analysis reveals the problems with underwhelming missions and provides important insight that we may utilise to work for your well-being and overall performance. Surveying the importance of a promotion bunch, focusing efforts, reviewing the number of adverts enabled per promotion bunch, evaluating catchphrase match type settings, and that's just the tip of the iceberg are all included.

Keyword research and analysis

We use a combination of topical tools and an understanding of what the audience should anticipate from the catchphrases. We do this to ensure that the proper audience sees your promotions and that your website receives traffic. By examining catchphrases, our PPC specialists isolate them based on variables like pursuit volume, competition, and industry significance.

Paid Search optimisation

With our paid inquiry improvement services, we aim to increase your impression rate, active clicking factor, and quality offer. In order to make it easier for your image to rank highly in the SERPs, our PPC specialists create a modified objective. We achieve this by streamlining promotion methods, identifying appropriate watchwords, developing offering strategies, and monitoring return on investment.

Conversion rate optimisation

One of the key phases in improving the appearance of your PPC campaign is CRO. To calculate change rates, we simplify pages, sponsored adverts, and the entire web architecture. To increase the site's conversion rate and return on investment, our google promotions specialists develop a strategy to bring in as many visitors as possible. Additionally, in order to improve your quality Score, we test greeting page designs and create simple to use lead capture structures.

Nextdoor Advertising

Through Nextdoor advertising, we create a strategy for bringing the company closer to the neighborhood's customers. Starting with securing it, we continue creating the modified promotions and creating a dedicated welcoming page to divert traffic from Nextdoor. In order to ensure further developed outcomes from your expedition, we also record the measurements.


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Frequently Asked Questions

The quick result is one of the benefits you can reap from Pay per click marketing. Although PPC can provide results overnight, it generally takes around three months to work. The initial three months act as a training period in which you can collect the data from the ads that you can further utilise to improve the overall performance of your campaign. With thorough optimization and monitoring, we seek an understanding of the strategies working or not. Talking of lead conversion, different factors are deciding them. These are the quality and relevancy of the ads. With the expertise of our pay per click marketing company, we can provide you with the knowledge of what’s ideal and what’s not for your results. With a result-oriented approach, we provide ideal, thorough, and customised strategies.

PPC advertising works for almost every business sector or industry, including:

  • Restaurants
  • Franchises
  • Heavy Equipment dealers
  • Dentists
  • Manufacturers
  • Ecommerce stores
  • Insurance Agencies
  • HVAC companies.
  • and more
A few searches linked to your services or products can demonstrate if PPC is right for your business. Even if there are no ads on searches related to your business, it does not mean that PPC is not worth your company's time. You can hire us as your pay per click management agency to manage your ad campaigns and bring results.

Organic SEO efforts take much time despite having optimized content for the search engines. You would not get the results right away. In contrast, PPC ads bring instant traffic to your website from search engines. In this way, paid search advertising acts as a complementary strategy to help support your SEO efforts. You must partner with a PPC management firm due to the complexity of paid search advertising.

There is a range of options available to measure the performance of your site that records the conversion rates. With Google Analytics integrated with Google Adwords, we review the complete analytics for your campaigns, including conversions, and ensure that your ads are effective at getting results. Not just conversions, we provide you with a clear view of your ad's performance on the search engine to get an insight into your ad campaign. To know everything in detail, talk with our paid search consultant.

For this question, you may expect a direct no or yes answer. The truth about this question is that paid campaigns do not directly help SEO; it does impact SEO indirectly. Fortunately, a paid campaign provides you with instant results. You can highlight which keywords are bringing traffic and which are less effective. It lets you optimize your SEO targeting to get better results. So, it would be best to use both these methods simultaneously to enhance the visibility of your brand.

No, currently, we don't provide this option. We invest a lot of effort and time to set your campaign and optimizing it to get the desired results. Our PPC marketing experts strategically place your paid ads right in front of potential customers. We will create a customized and detailed pay-per-click strategy that assures you are paying for what you want. So, when you work with us, each penny is carefully budgeted to get the best of your investment.

Many internal and external factors may prevent your ads from triggering on the search engines all the time. The factors include your bidding keywords might disapprove or accidentally have a paused campaign or ad group that you overlooked initially. Apart from this, if your ad is not listed, check for the following factors:

  • 1. Using incorrect search engines.
  • 2. The site or ad is disapproved.
  • 3. Outside geographic targeting
  • 4. Exhausted Campaign budget
  • 5. Low Impression Share
  • 6. Low Ad Rank

Being a professional PPC service provider Global Height helps you get the maximum leads by optimizing ads, landing pages, monitoring your ad performance daily, and managing it accordingly. We deeply analyze which keywords work well for your business and bring significant site traffic.

It takes around a month to optimize your ads properly. Because in the starting, we cannot know what and where the keywords are working well for your ad. In addition, we analyze your competitors who are using the same keywords for their marketing. Then, we optimize the ads in a way so that they appear on the top of search results, beating all other competitors.

There is a range of options available to measure the performance of your site that records the conversion rates. With Google Analytics integrated with Google Adwords, we review the complete analytics for your campaigns, including conversions, and ensure that your ads are effective at getting results. Not just conversions, we provide you with a clear view of your ad's performance on the search engine to get an insight into your ad campaign. To know everything in detail, talk with our paid search consultant.

At Global Height, we work with our clients on a monthly basis. If the campaign has not made you money, we will be the first to pinpoint this, and you can cancel at any time. We believe in building long-term relationships, so we are completely transparent with our clients.

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